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I’ve got to admit it feels pretty good – this the second day that The Watermen has been available in the shops. No idea how it is/will be received. Can only hope that most will enjoy it and perhaps even look forward to The River of Fire which is being published in the Spring of next year. Talking of The River of Fire, the completed manuscript was due to be delivered to my agent yesterday but I discovered he was out of the office and not due back until Monday. Needless to say I will be stealing the four extra days to make sure he sees the completed version on his return.

I’ve discovered there is something called the ‘2nd book syndrome’. After the loving care with which the first book is written comes the mad, helter-skelter of writing another 85-100 thousand usable words in about six months. Gone is the luxury of constant navel gazing and coffee drinking while one ponders the use of one adjective over another. The second book is full-on speed writing. The result, in my case, is far from pretty and will, no doubt, cost me many hours of editing. 

On another subject, the London bookseller, Goldsboro Books is hosting an evening of ‘Crime in the Court’ on 21st June to which everyone is invited. Details are on the Web at  At the last count, twenty-one crime authors will also be there, glass of vino in hand, chatting about whatever crime writers chat about. Do come along. I’ll be there and would be delighted to talk.

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