Almost there

The bound proof of The Watermen arrived at my home a few days ago and  I was reminded of the first time I saw an article of mine in a magazine. It was an odd sensation – part pride, part curiosity about how others might view it. The pride had more to do with overcoming the hurdles to publication than any real sense of achievement in the writing process itself. Make no mistake about it, getting past agents and publishers is not for the faint hearted. The Internet is littered with the tales of writers who have had enough rejection slips to paper their homes. And my experience was no different.

As for the ‘curiosity’ bit, I suppose it is natural enough to wonder what the reaction of your readers is going to be. What I do know is that I will, like Kipling, have to treat the twin imposters of Triumph and Disaster both the same. Come Spring next year I shall surely discover how thick or thin my skin is but by then I will already have delivered my next novel – River of Fire.


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