Bristol Crimefest – 30th May to 2nd June inclusive

This year’s Crimefest is even bigger and better than last years outing. It runs from Thursday 30th May to Sunday 2nd June at the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel, and features over a hundred crime authors, including such heavyweights as Jeffrey Deaver, Peter James, Elly Griffiths, Aly Monroe and Robert Goddard.

I shall be putting my head over the gunwales at two sessions. The first is on Friday 31st May at 2.50pm entitled ‘All in the Past: Pleasures, Perils & Pitfalls’ when I’ll be talking about what it’s like to write about the past, including the research that’s needed. I’ll be joined by Dolores Gordon Smith, Janet Laurence, and Linda Stratman, all of us in the care of Tom Harper, who will be moderating.

My second appearance is on Saturday 1st June at 3.20pm when the subject will be The Changing Face of London, a canter through (in my case) living conditions, and crime and law enforcement in the late 18th/early 19th centuries. I’ll be joined by Hanna Jameson, John Lawton, and Andrew Pepper. The participating moderator will be Alison Joseph.

Would be great to see you there. Come up and say hello, why don’t you?


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