Crime in the Court

There was a great turnout last Tuesday (21st June) for Goldsboro Books’ Crime in the Court; a gathering of crime writers and their readers for an evening of wine and natter. I didn’t actually get round to counting everyone but there must have been between 150 and 200 people there. Most of the time seemed to be spent talking about books and their plots and what motivated authors to write about their chosen subjects, as well as what readers liked and disliked.  

A few pictures of the evening are on Facebook (

Next week – on Saturday 9th July – I shall be at the Thames Police Museum, the Police Station, Wapping High Street for the museum’s ‘open day’. It’s an event which doesn’t come around too often and access to the museum is almost always confined to special parties.  So, if you are around on Saturday week and feel like seeing something of the origins of the first professional police force in the country, do come along between about 9.30am and 5pm. I’ll have a few copies of The Watermen available for anyone who is interested.

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