Cuckold Point

Publication of Cuckold Point, the latest in the Tom Pascoe series, is on 2nd April 2015. Once again, I’ve drawn on actual events in history for the story which begins with rumours of the existence of a large quantity of silk on board a ship recently arrived in the Thames. Tom soon discovers that the planned theft is a great deal more serious than he’d thought. Unknown to the villains, there is a secret hidden within the cargo of silk that could alter the course of the war with France – and keep the United States neutral. When Tom’s young brother is abducted and his life threatened, the race to solve the case gets personal. Yet just when things couldn’t get any worse, Tom learns that there are others with a hidden agenda. Who they are and why they are interested, he doesn’t know. All he knows if that if he is to save his brother’s life and recover the secret vital to the interests of his country, he cannot afford to lose the race.


2 Responses to “Cuckold Point”

  1. Ed King says:

    can I arrange to get a paperback copy of Cuckold Point in Canada ?

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Ed, thanks for getting in touch. My publisher, Quercus, tell me they have a tie-up with an American publishing house which, in theory, should allow you to buy my books in Canada. I assume from your post that you are having trouble getting hold of Cuckold Point and, for this, I apologise. If you’d like me to send you a signed copy, I’d be happy to do so. Just let me know.

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