The Rising Tide – manuscript delivered

I’ve just delivered the first draft of my new book in the Tom Pascoe series. The Rising Tide brings Tom face to face with the slave trade and its human cost at a time when Pitt, Wilberforce and others were pressing for its abolition. It will, I think, be interesting to see what readers make of a particularly unpleasant period of our island story, albeit that change was already in the air.

The book is not actually due for publication until September but I’ve just been sent the first rush of the jacket design, which is always quite exciting. Meanwhile I’ve begun to map out Book 4 – Cuckold Point – the main theme of which will be piracy on the River Thames, an offence that carried the death penalty and ‘hanging in chains’ as an example to others.

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  1. How come I’ve never comes across your books before? I’ve just been told by Joan Moules that you will be the speaker at our SWWJ regional meeting in October so naturally I looked you up! I am now off the library to try and get one of your books.

    • admin says:

      Hi Roberta – I am indeed talking to the Society of Authors in October and look forward to meeting you there. I do hope you had some success in finding a copy of one of my books at your local library and if so, would be delighted to hear what you thought of it.



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