The River of Fire – paperback published

The paperback edition of The River of Fire, complete with its brand new cover, is published today, and I’m really pleased with it. I’m hoping it will appeal to a much broader range of readers. The larger than life image of my hero has gone, and is replaced by a scene of the Thames close to London Bridge, through which a dismasted, and burning, brig has just emerged. Full credit for the make-over belongs to my editor, Jane Wood, at Quercus Books who came up with the idea.

The new edition concludes with the first chapter of my newest book, The Rising Tide, due out in September this year. The eagle-eyed amongst you will spot what appears to be a mistake in the text. It isn’t. At least it isn’t my mistake, it’s Tom Pascoe’s, which he’s forced to put right later. Puzzled? I’ll send a signed copy of the book to the first person in the UK who correctly identifies what I’m talking about.

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