The Watermen is launched

We gathered at the Prospect of Whitby on Wapping Wall in the East End of London on Monday night to give The Watermen a bit of a push into the world. ‘We’ being the Quercus team (Jane Wood my publishing editor, Lucy Ramsey in charge of publicity, Ron Beard in charge of sales and myself) and a great bunch of crime book reviewers, including Marcel Berlins (The Times), Barry Forshaw (Crime Time), Chris Simmons (Crimesquad), Jake Kerridge (Daily Telegraph), Mark Sanderson (The Evening Standard), Laura Wilson (The Guardian), Ayo Onatade and Mike Stotter of SHOTS. Also there was my trusty agent, Oliver Munson of Blake Friedman and Mike Brooke of The East End Advertiser.

After getting suitably well-oiled we trooped across the road to an eatery whose name I no longer remember, for something to eat. A huge, high-roofed, late 19th/early 20th century electricity generating station (I think), it was a most impressive venue, lit by hundreds of candles and buzzing with atmosphere. It was also a great location for getting to know the folk who hold my future reputation as a writer, in their hands. While we were there I got the news that, in addition to all the usual bookshops, Asda has decided to stock the book, involving a second, pre-publication, print-run. It has also been bought by a company producing audio books for the partially sighted.

The book is due on the shelves on 31st March.

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  1. Carl Conway says:

    Picked up a copy of The Watermen from ASDA today after it caught my eye, I’m about a third of the way through and enjoying it immensely :0)

  2. Alex McKenna says:

    Tried to get a copy in Foyles today. Guy behind the counter fiddled on his PC, but seemed vague about it – “Maybe it could be ordered?” he said.
    Indeed. I was similarly vague in my response to this ineptitude, and wandered off to view the Crossrail workings. So the journey wasn’t entirely wasted.
    However, following a brief Google once home, it seems to be in some London Waterstones (low stock, red code) so will trudge to Kensington in search !
    I shall not be denied my wallow in old Thames waters.

    • admin says:

      Hi Alex,

      Sorry you’ve been having problems getting hold of The Watermen. A new print-run has just been organised and should be on the shelves in the next couple of weeks or so. Hopefully that will take care of any further woes.



  3. Barbara Badstober says:

    Do you know when The Watermen will be available in Canada?

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