Thames Police Museum

Went along to the Thames Police Museum in Wapping High Street on Saturday 21st September. It had thrown open its doors as part of the London-wide ‘Open Days’ – an annual event in the capital where buildings not normally open to the public welcome all comers. On show were exhibits going back to the formation of the marine police in the summer of 1798 – incuding models of old police patrol boats, cutlasses and pistols carried by officers, old documents and articles of uniform. Most of the people I spoke to during the course of the day had had no idea the museum existed, in spite of the fact that they passed its doors on a daily basis. It was at Wapping where I trained as a Thames Division officer and, later, when I began my research for my novels, it was here that I found the inspiration of many of my plots. Look out for its next open day in September next year.



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